Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Become a Avon A-lister =) Yes! More Money Saving =) lol

Avon A-lister!

Anyone can become a Avon A-lister straight away! Earn points which takes you to each level.

Each Pound is 1 point =)

P.s I spent 20.00 yesterday and I am already almost to the Bronze level now. And I got FREE delivery for spending 20.00
When you are at the levels - You never go down a level if you use the offer in that level - the benefit will always remain.
Brilliant Eh?
The offers due change each campaign/Brochure though!


Example of the offers at the min for C6/Brochure 6 - These will change with brochure 7 !

There is no copper offers avalible at the min
Bronze: Buy a solutions total radiance clenser for 2.00 / Buy a firming body lotion 1.74/ Room sprays 1.75
Silver: Avon True colour blush 3.50/ Avon in a blink eye shaddow and liner 3.50 and nail varnishes 2.50
Gold: Lotus sheild 3.50/ Moisture Colour Lipstick 4.50
Platinum: Christian Lacroix Rouge Eau De Parfum 12.00,  Anew Rejuvenate Day Revitalising Cream SPF25 Magix Face perfector 4.50 !!

Brilliant eh - and the fact you can never use the offers up - and the change constantly is amazing...

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